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It brings back the all time favourite Flight Simulator ATC program
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Aerosoft's - Pro Flight Emulator Deluxe 1.8 is a flight simulator ATC program designed for Microsoft flight simulator. The program has a new database on all the runways using the PFE feature. It has a support for multiple flight planners which include both the versions of flight simulator.

Pro Flight Emulator has active AI detection for air and ground traffic which helps in takeoff and approach. The various transition levels can be changed depending on the various geographic locations. The transition altitudes can be configured for each 26 ProFlight geographic regions. The initial departure vectoring can be chosen along with an option to fly published departures. Considerable attention is given to approach vectoring which helps in providing smooth and realistic approach to the airports.

The program also supports SID and STAR. All the departure procedures present can be configured and named easily. This could be read by the air traffic control. It features an option to either select all approach vectoring or fly in a published approach. A visual approach for higher as well as lower altitude can be selected.

Users can generate the plan data as well as voice sets. It acts as a standalone tool to add more features to the application.

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  • Detailed tool for advanced air traffic control


  • No peripheral vision without major loss of resolution
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